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English for Academic and Professional Purposes


Muhammad Aulia Taufiqi, Vina Uctuvia, Deri Fikri Fauzi, Muhammad Ilyas, Tina Merlina, Alva Nurvina Sularso, Yusup Supyani, Widia Resdiana, Muthia Damaiyanti


Miranti Pradipta Utami, S.Pd., M.B.A.

Dewi Mutamimah, M.Si.

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16×24 Cm

ISBN: Sementara dalam Proses Ajuan


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In English, there are many rules for constructing a correct sentence. A sentence can be formed from several words, for example subject and predicate. Words are the most basic parts that have their own meaning, function and use in a sentence (Ishak, 2021). Therefore, we must know the parts of word (Speech) that will be made into sentences that comply with standard English rules.

Parts of speech is a classification of words which were categorized based on their role and function in the language structure which includes everything that the language itself has. Parts of speech show how words function in meaning and grammatically in sentences. A singular lexical unit may assume multiple grammatical roles. Proficiency in identifying parts of speech is imperative for ascertaining the precise semantic interpretation of a term during reference to lexical resources such as dictionaries (Fitria, 2022).


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